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Panel laminating is fundamentally about efficiency, and this is at the heart of Evans Midwest’s approach to machinery design for high-pressure laminate (HPL) lines. The Evans range includes robust and versatile machines like the 8100 Panel Feeder to the versatile 0257 Pinch Roller, designed to offer durable and consistent support to laminate lines, enabling operators to focus on crafting parts rather than troubleshooting machinery. Laminating, the process of creating composite materials through layering, enhances the strength, stability, and appearance of the products, and Evans Midwest excels in offering solutions that streamline this process.

Panel Lamination

The panel lamination process involves the assembly of HPL tops through pressure and adhesives to create laminated sheets. These sheets, often used in countertops or desktop surfaces, subsequently go into the making of finished goods. Evans Midwest ensures that each machine is tailored to fit specific needs, contributing to heightened productivity and quality in the lamination process.

The company provides a complete panel laminating line, which can be customized to fit various applications, from entry-level to fully integrated single-point control systems, catering to operations of any size. It reflects a meticulous combination of engineering and experience aimed at optimizing laminating lines for specific applications.

Bottom line? We help you laminate better, increase productivity, and improve quality.

The 8100 Precision Feeder and 8300 End Loading Panel Feeder are examples of Evans Midwest’s commitment to quality and reliability. These panel feeding machines, built with cutting-edge technology and heavy-duty components, ensure precise height control and daily reliable production. The design of these machines, whether it’s side load, end load, or units with or without staging conveyors, emphasizes minimal maintenance, eliminating downtime and fostering increased productivity.

Evans Midwest’s panel feeders can handle a wide range of panel sizes and applications, featuring easy-to-use electronic controls for length and width adjustment. These advanced features, including the automatic width adjustment, hold over the wheel, and the spring-loaded fingers, optimize cycle time and ensure the delivery of a quality product.

Our experienced sales and engineering staff can customize a laminating line to fit your specific application. Ranging from entry level to fully integrated single point control systems.

Beyond panel lamination and feeding, Evans Midwest offers machines for panel cleaning and gluing, panel stacking, and roller presses. Panel cleaners like the PC4800 are crucial for removing debris prior to adhesive application. The company’s glue spreaders, laminate racks, layup tables, and roller presses are equipped with advanced features and options that can be customized to meet a variety of adhesive and operational requirements.

High-performance machines like the HGS Hot Melt Spreader apply hot melt adhesive with precision, and layup tables like the LT4280 can be outfitted with features like urethane-coated rollers and powered conveyance to assist in production. The integration of these machines enables maintaining a tight index line and hassle-free handling of completed panels, promoting overall productivity.

Evans Midwest’s offerings help clients laminate better, thus achieving increased productivity and improved quality in their operations. Every machine, from panel cleaners to stackers, is designed to reduce labor costs, eliminate rejects, and enhance the overall efficiency of the laminating line.

The panel stacker paired with a panel feeder, for example, creates an efficient work cell, allowing the operator to focus on laying up panels, eliminating excess motion, worker fatigue, and the need for additional operator intervention.

For anyone looking to elevate their panel laminating and automation processes, Evans Midwest stands as a beacon of innovation, quality, and reliability. Feel free to contact Evans Midwest to learn more about how they can assist in specifying your next project and providing tailored solutions to meet your laminating and automation needs.


0257 Pinch Roller

Evans Midwest Pinch Roller

0259 Pinch Roller

Evans Midwest 1050 T-Edge Applicator

4283 Lay Up Table

Evans Midwest 4283 Lay Up Table

8100 Panel Feeder

Evans Midwest Panel Feeder

4800 Panel Cleaner

Evans Midwest Panel Cleaner

4253 Index Table

Evans Midwest Index Table

4270 Laminate Rack

Evans Midwest Laminating Rack

4600 Heat Tunnel

Evans Midwest Heat Tunnel

Below is an Automated Laminating Line. All of the laminating lines we manufacture are engineered to meet the requirements of the customer. Contact us with the requirements to your application, and we will provide you with a proposal and a drawing of what we can do for your operation. We specialize in design/build solutions, and we back it up with ethernet connectivity, and top notch customer service and support from our home office in Holland, MI.