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Auxiliary Machinery

Evans Midwest, a key player in the realm of manufacturing machinery, extends its expertise beyond laminating and postforming machinery into a diverse range of auxiliary machinery. Their line of auxiliary machinery is a testament to the company’s commitment to solving customer problems through innovation and technology. This range includes the 7100 Laminate Roller, a machine designed to facilitate the rolling of laminate sheets, enhancing efficiency in laminate distribution facilities. Another notable inclusion in their auxiliary lineup is the 9100 Vacuum Stand, a robust tool that offers unparalleled stability and precision for handling wood and non-porous substrates, ensuring operator safety and operational efficiency.

The 9265 Pivoting Vacuum Hoist with Rotating Arm represents another leap in Evans Midwest’s auxiliary machinery portfolio. This machine is adept at handling large panels and table tops, with a capacity to lift up to 400 pounds and maneuver items with a full 360-degree pivot range. This flexibility is crucial for industries dealing with large-scale manufacturing and woodworking, where the handling of bulky materials is a daily challenge. Complementing this is the 1050 T-Edge Applicator, a machine specifically designed for the application of plastic t-molding on various surfaces. This machine enhances productivity and reduces labor intensity, especially in tasks involving the finishing of edges on countertops, doors, and drawer fronts.

The 5010 Slitter is another exemplary auxiliary machinery offering from Evans Midwest, designed for cutting high-pressure laminate or wood veneer. It stands out for its adjustable self-aligning fence, which ensures precision in cuts up to 6 inches. This machine exemplifies the balance between performance and ease of use, a common thread in all of Evans Midwest’s products. It’s particularly suited for settings where precision and efficiency are paramount, such as in the woodworking and laminating industries.

Here are a few of the auxiliary machine options that we currently offer.

7100 Laminate Roller
9100 Vacuum Stand
9265 Pivoting Vacuum Hoist
1050 T-Edge Applicator
5010 Slitter

Each of these machines, developed and manufactured by Evans Midwest, a part of the Choice Machinery Group, reflects the company’s dedication to quality, innovation, and user-centric design. This veteran-owned company, based in Holland, MI, USA, is not just about manufacturing machinery; it’s about creating solutions that enhance efficiency, accuracy, and safety in various industrial settings. Their range of auxiliary machinery is a clear demonstration of their commitment to meet and exceed the diverse needs of their customers. With a focus on American-made quality and reliability, Evans Midwest’s machinery portfolio is an indispensable asset for businesses aiming to streamline their operations and achieve higher productivity.