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Evans Midwest presents the SB 3030 Seat Bonder – a specialized machine designed for laminating various materials such as fabrics, vinyl, and leather onto contoured foam. This innovative machine ensures a controlled process of heat and positive pressure, perfect for creating high-quality seating components. Built with formed, structural steel, the SB 3030 offers stability and durability, even in the most challenging industrial environments. Its quartz lamp heating system, housed in an aluminum-reflector-lined hood, ensures efficient and even heat distribution.

  • Welded tube frame
  • Heating chamber
  • Infrared thermal sensor
  • Silicone membrane
  • Heating chamber automatically opens and closes with pneumatic cylinders
  • Rear-mounted electrical enclosure
  • Automation Direct operator interface (HMI) with color monitor and PLC-controlled sequence of operation
  • Clamshell style heating chamber
  • Vacuum table
  • Heating and cooling cycle indicator light with buzzer
  • Front-mounted vacuum gauge
  • Oil-sealed, rotary-vane, single-stage, air-cooled and direct-driven Busch vacuum pumps
  • Two (2) hand-operated push button controls to open/close machine • Emergency stop system
  • Available in 30×30 and 30×36-inch sizes

State-of-the-Art Features for Optimal Performance

The SB 3030 boasts a range of standard features to enhance its functionality and ease of use. It includes a welded tube frame and an advanced heating chamber, complemented by an infrared thermal sensor for precise temperature control. The machine’s deep hood, which opens automatically via a hydraulic cylinder system, accommodates larger molds and contoured seats with ease. Its user-friendly Automation Direct operator interface, equipped with a color monitor and PLC-controlled operation, ensures a smooth and intuitive process. Moreover, the clamshell-style heating chamber and vacuum table add to its versatility.


Customizable and Reliable Machinery Solutions

Evans Midwest stands as a testament to American manufacturing excellence. The SB 3030 Seat Bonder, available in various sizes, including 30×30 and 30×36 inches, can be further customized with optional features like a silicone membrane kit with a steel frame. This machine is not just a piece of equipment but a reliable partner in your manufacturing process, backed by Evans Midwest’s commitment to quality and innovation. For more information or to discuss your specific machinery needs, contact Evans Midwest at their Holland, Michigan headquarters.