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Laminate Rollers

The Evans Midwest Laminate Rolling Machines, specifically the 7100 model, revolutionizes the process of handling laminate sheets, especially in high-pressure situations. Designed to significantly ease the burden of rolling laminate, this machine can hold up to 10 pieces of High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) at once, facilitating a much more efficient workflow. Its robust design, evident in its substantial weight of 650 lbs, and its operational requirement of 115 V, 1 PH, 60 Hz electrical supply, make it a sturdy and reliable piece of equipment for heavy-duty use. The machine’s innovative design includes features such as a mouth that opens wide for easy loading of laminate sheets and a convenient tape rack that simplifies the wrapping process. This not only saves time but also reduces the physical strain on workers, traditionally associated with manual laminate rolling.

The 7100 Laminate Roller goes beyond just rolling laminates; it also assists in taping or tying the roll. An optional tilt takeaway conveyor (model 7110) is available, which further aids in handling by gently lowering heavy rolls to the floor. This automation and the machine’s ability to gently wrap the laminate into two different roll diameters for shipping, address a major challenge in the packaging and storage of laminate sheets. It’s an ideal solution for laminate distribution facilities, where the efficiency of rolling and boxing multiple orders per day is crucial. This machine not only eliminates the labor-intensive aspects of this process but also significantly reduces errors, providing a seamless operation from start to finish.

  • Mouth Opens Wide to Ease Laminate Loading
  • Holds up to 10 Pieces of HPL
  • Tape Rack Simplifies Wrapping
  • Electrical: 115 V, 1 PH, 60 Hz
  • Air Requirement: 80 PSI
  • Optional 7110 Tilt Conveyor Also Available to Aid in Handling

Evans Midwest, a part of the Choice Machinery Group, underscores its commitment to quality and innovation with the development of the 7100 Laminate Roller. As a veteran-owned company manufacturing American-made machinery in Holland, MI, USA, they stand behind the durability and effectiveness of their products. Their machines, including the 7100 Laminate Roller, are designed with the end-user in mind, focusing on ease of use, efficiency, and reducing manual labor. The company is easily accessible for support and further information, with an active online presence and customer-friendly contact options. This commitment extends to their robust customer service and support, reflecting their dedication to providing practical and efficient solutions to the challenges faced in laminate handling and processing.