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Laminate Rollers

  • Mouth Opens Wide to Ease Laminate Loading
  • Holds up to 10 Pieces of HPL
  • Tape Rack Simplifies Wrapping
  • Electrical: 115 V, 1 PH, 60 Hz
  • Air Requirement: 80 PSI
  • Optional 7110 Tilt Conveyor Also Available to Aid in Handling

The 7100 Laminate Roller machine not only rolls your laminate but it also helps you tape or tie the roll and, with our optional tilt takeaway conveyor (7110), gently lowers your heavy roll to the floor. This automated roller takes care to gently wrap the laminate into two different roll diameters for shipping. No more struggling to wrap by hand!

Used for rolling sheets of high-pressure laminate, for packaging or storage. Ideal for Laminate Distribution facilities, where multiple orders per day need to be rolled and boxed for shipment. This device helps to eliminate the labor and mistakes from the process. It easily handles multiple sheet rolls, taking away the awkward motion of preparing them for bundling.