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Evans Midwest has been a pioneer in designing and manufacturing postforming machines since the early 1970s. With its extensive range of machines, Evans Midwest has enabled the production of high-quality countertops, integrating core fabrication, laminating, postforming, coving, and cutting technologies.

At the heart of our product line are our versatile machines, such as the acclaimed 0110 Post Former and the PR207 Pinch Roller. These machines are not just equipment; they are the embodiment of our commitment to quality and innovation. Designed to cater to both small-scale operations and mass production setups, they ensure that your manufacturing process is seamless and efficient. With Evans Midwest, you have the power to create unique countertop applications, each characterized by uniform quality and unmatched precision.

Join us in exploring the endless possibilities with Evans Midwest’s advanced machinery. Whether you’re just starting in the industry or looking to expand your production capacity, our machines offer the perfect blend of technology and craftsmanship.

For over 50 years, Evans Midwest has designed, manufactured, installed and serviced kitchen countertop postforming and laminating systems around the world. The line pictured above utilizes water based adhesive technology and can produce up to three countertops per minute.

Efficient Production and Lamination

The 0110 Post Former is renowned for its ability to produce countertops of consistent quality. This machine, featuring a pneumatic assisted heater, is adept at reducing operator fatigue and speeding up production. It’s especially versatile due to its adjustable leaf spacing and its ability to form and adhere laminate to the core in a single step, leading to optimal time savings and peak efficiency.

The 0207 Pinch Roller is another critical asset for laminating shops. Designed for both small and large operations, this machine ensures uniform bonding of laminate to the substrate. Its unique design caters to different types of tops, making it essential for running materials with a build-down, such as countertops.

Precision Cutting and Mitering

The Postforming Miter Saws by Evans Midwest are pivotal for achieving fast, accurate, precision miter cuts and drawbolt mortises in the fabrication of postformed kitchen countertops. They are backed by over 50 years of experience, setting the industry standard for countertop saws and cutting stations, and offering a multitude of options to meet the specific needs of every operation.

High-Volume Manufacturing

For operations requiring high-volume manufacturing, the Ultraform UF 2000 serves as a rugged, feed-through machine designed to meet a plethora of specific production requirements. This machine’s modular design and its availability in single and double-sided models allow for optimal customization.

Whether creating “Comfort Edge” profiles with European backsplashes or countertops with coved backsplashes, Evans Midwest’s cutting stations offer unparalleled quality. The innovative design of machines like the Autocove AC 3120 allows manufacturers to produce up to one countertop per minute or 5,000 linear feet per shift. The rigid frame and rear fence, uniform contact of the countertop to the heating element, and a concentric forming bar are critical in achieving quality backsplashes.

Countertop Core Building and Preparing

Evans Midwest Corfab machines stand out in the preparation of the countertop core. These machines are essential in starting with a raw particle board panel and ending in a machined countertop core ready for laminating, employing intelligent design to automatically feed and glue pre-cut solid wood, particleboard, MDF, or composite build-down.

Safety and Accuracy

Safety is paramount in the design of Evans Midwest machines. The 0710 Miter Saw, for instance, is designed with a fitted saw guard to provide maximum operator safety without compromising accuracy, workability, or production flow. It ensures accurate miter cuts and maintains product consistency and accuracy, proving itself to be both reliable and dependable within the countertop fabricators industry.

Tailored Solutions

From the Compact 2480 Over Arm Router designed for quickly cutting sink holes to the customizable SF 2000 Postformer designed for small to medium-sized manufacturers, Evans Midwest offers tailored solutions for every unique application. The breadth of options available ensures that every manufacturer, whether dealing with small or large operations, can find a solution that best fits their needs.

Evans Midwest’s countertop cutting stations and postforming machines are not just equipment; they are solutions engineered to meet the varying needs of manufacturers. These machines, developed with decades of experience and innovation, ensure that whether it is countertop cutting, lamination, postforming, or any other related application, quality, efficiency, and precision are never compromised. For all manufacturers aiming to achieve peak efficiency and produce high-quality countertops, Evans Midwest’s machines are the go-to solutions, offering a blend of innovation, reliability, and unparalleled customer satisfaction.


0110 Post Former

0207 Pinch Roller

0366 Index Table

Countertop Miter Saws

Countertop Miter Saws

Corfab Tenoners and Shapers

Evans Midwest Corfab Tenoners and Shapers

Countertop Laminating Systems

Evans Midwest Countertop Laminating Systems

SF 2000 Postformer

Evans Midwest SF 2000 Postformer

UF 2000 Postformer

Evans Midwest UF 2000 Postformer

AC 3120 Coving Machine

AC 3120 AutoCove Coving Machine

0710 Power Feed Miter Saw

Evans Machinery 0710 Power Feed Miter Saw

2480 Over Arm Router

Evans Machinery 2480 Over Arm Router