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The Evans Midwest Corfab machines are double-sided, entry-level to high-production kitchen countertop machining centers. They are custom engineered to meet your specific requirements. Our intelligent design automatically feeds and glues pre-cut solid wood, particleboard, MDF or composite build-down, scribe and/or no-drip sticks to the panel in a continuous operation.

Once the sticks are glued and bonded to the core, the panel continues through vertical and/or horizontal shapers where the edges are machined to the desired profile. Vertical spindle shapers, with up to 220 mm long shafts and stacked tooling, allow multiple profiles to be produced with minimum set up. The unique 2 to 1 ratio center drive design provides a right hand or left hand fixed side for inline operation.

Evans Midwest Corfab machines are used in the preparation of the countertop core, starting with a raw particle board panel, and ending in a machined countertop core ready for laminating.

The system includes a Nordson® Hot Melt Applicator sized to production requirements. Corfab models can be configured with pneumatic and electronic positioning units to minimize set up time.


Evans Midwest has been designing and manufacturing machines for the postformed laminate kitchen countertop industry since the early 1970s. Evans Midwest offers the widest variety of core fabrication, laminating, postforming, coving and cutting machines in the world today, with thousands in operation all over the world. Whether you need to produce a few countertops each day or thousands, Evans Midwest engineers will design a custom system for your unique application.

Where simplicity in design is required without a square edge look
Self edge profile with ‘coved’ backsplash.
A profile that blends functional features with European elegance. 
“Comfort Edge” profile with European backsplash
Flat panel with profiled edges

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