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Evans Midwest, a Holland, MI-based manufacturer of Postforming countertop production machines and automated laminate lines, has gained recognition for its advanced Countertop Cutting Stations, particularly in producing fast, accurate, and precise miters and drawbolt mortises for postformed kitchen countertops. The company’s flagship products, the CS XL & CS XLT and the CS Postforming Countertop Saws, embody efficiency and precision, allowing a single operator to produce a complete miter joint with drawbolt mortises in under three minutes. These stations are equipped with features like fixed stops at 22.5°, 45°, and 90°, a 5 HP saw motor, variable speed control, a comprehensive router system, pneumatic clamps, and dust collection hookups, ensuring top-notch performance and operator convenience.

Having served the kitchen countertop, office furniture, architectural woodwork, and store fixture industries extensively, Evans Midwest is celebrated for enhancing productivity and quality in laminate work. Their American-made Countertop Cutting Stations and versatile Postforming Machines are testament to over 50 years of industry experience and dedication to customer satisfaction. This commitment is evident in their continual product design improvements and the range of features that address every aspect of countertop production, from reducing cutting cycle times and operator fatigue to minimizing product damage.

Laser Guide
Dust Manifold Kit
Variable Miter
Backsplash Clamp
Support Rings
Flip Over Stop
Dust Enclosure Kit
Standard & Heavy Duty Conveyors

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