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Evans Midwest’s Membrane Presses stand at the forefront of laminating technology, offering unparalleled precision in the creation of intricate 3D profiles. These presses employ a combination of positive pressure, heat, and vacuum, ensuring that even the most complex designs are executed with flawless accuracy. Available in both single and dual shuttle configurations, they cater to a diverse range of industrial needs, making them a versatile choice for businesses looking to enhance their laminating processes.

The Membrane Presses from Evans Midwest are equipped with state-of-the-art features to streamline the laminating process. One such feature is the Unwind Unit, which includes a manual cut-off system, allowing for easy handling and preparation of materials. For more demanding applications, the Powered Multi-Roll Station, featuring an automatic cut-off system, offers enhanced efficiency and precision. These advanced systems not only improve the quality of the finished product but also significantly reduce the time and effort required in the laminating process.

With Manual Cut-Off System
With Automatic Cut-Off System

American-Made Quality and Reliability

Proudly manufactured by the veteran-owned Choice Machinery Group in Holland, Michigan, Evans Midwest’s Membrane Presses are a testament to American craftsmanship and engineering excellence. These presses are not just tools but a promise of quality, reliability, and innovation. Evans Midwest invites interested businesses to reach out and explore how these Membrane Presses can revolutionize their laminating operations. Contact us at 616.546.8225 or visit our website for more information on how we can assist in achieving your industrial laminating goals.