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Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) are revolutionizing the construction industry, and Evans Midwest is at the forefront of this change as a leading SIP panel manufacturer. Their state-of-the-art SIP laminating systems employ single-part, moisture-cure polyurethane adhesives, diverging from traditional roll coating processes. This innovation is crucial for the lamination of oriented strand board (OSB) to expanded polystyrene (EPS) cores, a key element in SIP construction. Evans Midwest’s systems ensure rapid curing and are engineered for precision, making them ideal for creating energy-efficient, durable buildings.

Evans Midwest’s product line includes advanced features like the BE 824T traversing gantry with Eco-Track® dispensing heads and a water spray system, and the VP 418C vacuum press with Busch™ vacuum pumps. These features demonstrate their commitment to versatility and innovation in the SIP manufacturing industry. Additionally, their patented adhesive nozzles and dispensing heads, along with manifold assemblies equipped with individual shut-off valves, highlight their dedication to uniform adhesive coverage and precise application in the SIP laminating process.

Evans Midwest’s offerings extend beyond laminating systems to include a complete EPS pre-lamination tooling package. This package is integral for setting up a comprehensive SIP manufacturing facility, offering tools for cutting and shaping EPS in preparation for lamination. The range of cutting tools, including longitudinal and horizontal cutting tools and EPS edge cutting tools, demonstrate their thorough understanding of the entire SIP manufacturing process. This comprehensive approach solidifies Evans Midwest’s position as a leader in the SIP manufacturing industry, offering end-to-end solutions that cater to the evolving needs of modern architecture and energy-efficient construction.

  • Bulk adhesive stand with day barrel, Zenith® pump, controls, heated hoses, and desiccant column
  • BE 824T traversing gantry with Eco-Track® dispensing heads and water spray system
  • On-board electrical enclosure with PLC-controlled sequence of operation
  • Operator interface (HMI) with color monitor
  • Heavy-duty transport conveyor with power rollers and stainless steel drip pans
  • VP 418C vacuum press(es) with Busch™ vacuum pumps
  • Maximum panel size is 8 ft X 24 ft (2.4 X 7.3 m

  • Vacuum table
  • Outrigger framework for vacuum shuttle table
  • Heating and cooling cycle indicator light with buzzer
  • Front-mounted vacuum gauge
  • Oil-sealed, rotary-vane, single-stage, air-cooled and direct-driven Busch vacuum pumps
  • Unwind stand for vinyl roll(s)
  • Emergency stop system
  • Available in 4×8, 4×10, 4×12 and 5×8-footsizes

For single panel SIP processing, Evans Midwest offers systems like the BE 418T Standard SIP Laminating System, equipped with a VP 418C Vacuum Press. This system ensures effective adhesive curing by maintaining pressure on the panel during the curing process. Its design features such as the operator interface with a color display and the Eco-Track® dispensing head assembly, demonstrate a focus on ease of use and efficiency.

For stacked panel SIP processing, Evans Midwest provides systems like the BE 412TS and BE 424TS Standard SIP Laminating Systems. These systems are designed with features such as hydraulic cylinders, powered rollers, and the Acu-Track® dispensing head, offering versatility and efficiency for different production scales. Optional equipment like overhead JIB cranes with vacuum lift further enhances the capability of these systems, highlighting Evans Midwest’s commitment to providing comprehensive solutions in SIP manufacturing.


Our systems are enriched with standard features like a bulk adhesive stand with a day barrel, Zenith® pump, heated hoses, and desiccant column, combined with a BE 824T traversing gantry with Eco-Track® dispensing heads and water spray system. These systems also offer optional enhancements like vacuum tables, outrigger frameworks for vacuum shuttle tables, and various sizes to cater to diverse demands, asserting our versatility as leading sip panel manufacturers.

Evans Midwest also takes pride in offering innovative SIP equipment features, including patented adhesive nozzles and dispensing heads, ensuring uniform adhesive coverage, and manifold assemblies fitted with individual shut-off valves, all contributing to the precision and uniformity in adhesive application in the SIP laminating process.

Bulk adhesive stand with heated day barrel, Zenith® pump and electronic controls
Patented adhesive nozzle utilizes stainless steel pin, Teflon® seals & special compression fittings
Dispensing head with 24 nozzles per foot for uniform adhesive coverage
12-inch wide adhesive manifold with individual shut-off valve
Traversing gantry with four 12-inch manifold assemblies and water misting system
Water misting system with one stainless steel spray gun per manifold

In the contemporary architectural paradigm, the quest for energy-efficient building enclosures is incessant. Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) from renowned sip manufacturers like Evans Midwest serve as exemplary solutions in this regard. They are instrumental in creating building enclosures with commendable airtightness and thermal resistance, facilitating the construction of durable and high-performance buildings.

The versatility and efficiency of SIPs provided by sip manufacturers like Evans Midwest are instrumental in aiding architects and builders in designing and constructing energy-efficient residential and commercial structures. The adherence to quality and innovation in our SIP offerings ensures the realization of highly effective, energy-conserving building enclosures, aligning with the evolving needs of modern architecture.