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4600 Heat Tunnel

  • Multiple Heating Sections (1-3 Available)
  • Variable Speed Feed Rate
  • 6 Heat Resistant Silicone Rollers (64″ Long)
  • Adjustable Pneumatic Pressure
  • HMI Controlled Material Thickness Adjustment
  • NEMA 12 Control Console
  • Interlocked Side Panels for Cleaning
  • Optical Panel Sensor

The Evans Midwest 4600 Heat Tunnel is the premier Heat Tunnel on the market. This heavy-duty laminating machine is built to handle HPL production at speeds up to 30 feet per minute with heaters that put out up to 1200 degrees (F). The machine can be built with between 1-3 heating sections to fit your preferred production method and speed. 

This machine has been redesigned to allow for easier access to the machine for cleaning and maintenance. Customers love the new access doors and the ease of operation. The new design has cut their cleaning time considerably and allows them to clean more often leading to a better, more consistent end product.

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