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Replacing Your Her-Saf Vacuum Tables

    Lately, we have heard from a few customers that were not able to replace their Her-Saf vacuum tables or find the parts that they need to keep them running. With that in mind, we wanted to remind you that Evans Machinery now has the perfect replacement machine. 

    The 9101 Edgeworker Vacuum Stand is a sturdy and strong vacuum stand with a suction cup and plenty of holding power, even for porous substrates! Installation is simple. Anchor it to the floor and connect the air line. Your operators won’t trip over clumsy feet or drop work due to inadequate suction.

    The standard Edgeworker is very versatile or it can be customized to fit your job. Either way, it will help you work faster and more efficiently.

    To see videos of the machine in use, click on the two links below:
    Video 1                     Video 2


    • 12″ diameter suction cup
    • High performance  pump
    • 3/16″ steel tower, 3/8″ steel base
    • 1/2″ anchor holes with leveling screw included
    • Pneumatic filter/regulator
    • Cartridge style debris filter
    •  38” work height
    •  9.25 scfm Vacuum Flow
    •  Step operator pedal

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