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Miter Fold Metal and Foam Panels with This Saw…

    In the past few weeks, quote a few of our dealers have asked for more examples of our capabilities in the custom machinery side of our business. So we are going to start sending out periodic emails highlighting our latest products. Hopefully this will give you some ideas of other ways that we can help serve your customers.

    This week we are highlighting our V Saw for miter folding metal clad insulated panels. This saw was built to speed up the cut time and accuracy of their miter folds. 6 months into use, the customer told us that this saw has reduced their cut time by more than half and improved their first pass yield and overall quality.

    Here is a brief video of the machine in action (click this link to watch)

    Saw features include:

    • Two 5 HP arbor motors set at 45 degrees
    • Variable frequency drives are included to allow for fine tuning of the blade speed.
    • Motors that are staggered to both cut to the same point when the blades are sharp with a tolerance or 1/16”
    • Micro adjustments for the carriage and motor mounts to ensure perfect alignment

    Here is a quick look inside the saw:

    Here is a look at the final product:

    If this machine is intriguing to you or one of your customers, please give us a call today. We have now sold several of these and they have worked very well in the field. We would love to build more of these machines in the future.

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