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Evans Midwest offers Laminating & Postforming machinery to fit your needs.

Whether you need an individual machine or a complete, integrated and automated system, we have a solution that will help take your business to the next level.

We specialize in design/build solutions that remove non-value labor, and emphasize smart manufacturing practices. We hope to talk with you about your application!

Panel Laminating Machinery

Evans Midwest offers a wide variety of laminating lines for customers of all sizes. Most systems are designed/built to the customer’s specific requirements.

3D Laminating Vacuum Presses

Evans Midwest manufactures an industrial line of 3D shuttle and clamshell style laminating presses for a wide range of industries.

Countertop / Postforming Machinery

Evans Midwest is the premier name in countertop and postforming machinery. Most projects are designed to meet your specific manufacturing requirements.

SIP Production Laminating Machinery

Evans Midwest engineers and builds process machines and systems for the Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) industry including affordable housing and commercial buildings. 

Aviation Vacuum Presses

Evans Midwest manufactures a variety of clamshell, shuttle and vertical lift configurations, with single and/or double membranes to eliminate part fixturing, for single and/or double sided laminations. 

Auxiliary Stationary Machinery

Evans Midwest has a long combined history of building state of the art material handling and wood production machinery that has proven the test of time.

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