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Evans Midwest Completes & Ships First Countertop Cutting Station After Acquisition

    (Holland, MI) Evans Midwest, manufacturer of countertop production machines and automated laminate lines, announced the shipment of the first Evans Midwest Countertop Cutting Station (CS-XLT).

    After acquiring the Countertop Division of Midwest Automation in mid-2018, Evans Midwest has tirelessly focused on developing an infrastructure to support existing countertop fabrication and laminating customers and producing the same time-tested machines the industry has grown to love.

    Over the years, the Evans Midwest Countertop Cutting Station has proven to be the go-to saw for high-production countertop producers. A combination of durable design and reliable functionality make the Cutting Station an attractive solution for production facilities in the United States and abroad. 

    The Evans Midwest CS XL & XLT Cutting Station produces fast, accurate, precision miter cuts and drawbolt mortises for postformed kitchen countertops. One operator can produce a complete miter joint with drawbolt mortises in under three minutes. This machine reduces handling and cutting cycle times, operator fatigue and product damage.

    “This is a milestone event for our company,” said Don Mulder, President. “We are proud of all the hard work our team put into manufacturing and assembling our first Cutting Station (CS-XLT).”

    “This machine, in particular, is an industry favorite. We are postured to meet demand in 2019 and improve upon an already great design.”    

    Evans Midwest, and sister-company, Ritter Machinery, are based in Holland Michigan where they build American-Made machinery to serve the laminating, countertop production and cabinetry markets.

    For more information, check out the complete product page for the Evans Midwest Cutting Stations!