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Can this machine simplify your handling issues?

    One of the top selling machines this year heavy duty vacuum stands. This line of simple, robust machines are the perfect solution for edge work on tops of any kind.

    The 9101 Vacuum Stand features a high powered suction cup with enough holding power to secure a variety of surfaces (Lumber, MDF, Panels, Glass, and more).  It also includes the following:

    • A 12” diameter suction cup with replaceable ring.
    • A pneumatic multi-stage hi-flow vacuum pump with debris filter.
    • A solid tower and 5/16” thick base to take the abuse.
    • Two foot pedals that control the vacuum controls and rotation lock.

    Click on the videos of these machines in action:

    This machine is built to last and available for under $3000. For more information including specs and options, click here.

    In addition, we have made multiple variations of these machines to fit specific customer needs. These include multiple heads, adjustable heights, convertible tops and so on. Let us know what you need and we can make our sturdy vacuum stand work for you.

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