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Automate Your HPL Line or Saw Infeed…

    As the economy speeds up, manufacturers like you are trying to find ways to increase production to meet the increased demand. The Evans 8100 Panel Feeder provides a heavy duty, fully automated solution that can speed up production and decrease labor costs. 

    Here are some features that our customers have been raving about:

    1. Customized – We customize the 8100 Panel Feeder to fit each specific line. We customize the height, stroke, and program of each machine to our customer’s needs.
    2. Options – We have adapted the concept for rear feed, end-to-end feeding, automatic feeding, and more. 
    3. Decreased Wear and Tear – Customers tell us that the precise cable lifting system decreases both wear on down line machines and machine down time. That is why one customer called to order his second unit only 6 months after the first was installed. 

    Evans 8100 Feeder VideoStandard 8100 Features Include:

    • Built-in 4-corner hydraulic lifting table
    • Automatic laser in-feed height sensor
    • Floating push bar adjusts to the stack height, panel thickness, and aligns the material
    • Touch screen HMI for operator control, automatic cycling and reload programs
    • Variable hydraulic speed drive provides smooth, shock-free movement
    • Heavy corral style construction provides a bump-stop for the forklift loading
    • Adjustable hold over wheel to provide pressure against the fence while feeding to ensure proper alignment every time!

    To see a video of the machine in action, click here.

    For more information on this machine, please your local Evans Machinery Dealer today. They will help you customize the feeder to your exact needs and specifications.

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